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The MIKE Mine Concept

brought to you by the leader in mine water management systems, now working with the 5 biggest mining companies in the world

MIKE Mine Dashboard

- We have a solution in the works for helping you manage water at your mine site -

in short


MIKE Mine offers a new approach for making reliable decisions that can significantly impact your water operations. This advanced tool is designed to help mine operators better manage water risks across a mine site and prevent disruptions in production.


By centralising online and offline data, automating data analysis and forecasting, using widgets to build customisable dashboards, and making these accessible – anywhere, anytime, from any device!

in detail

Fully customise your Dashboard

At-a-glance overview of water operations at your mine

This unified Dashboard gives you insight relevant to compliance, risk and operational performance.

It is a flexible system that can be customised with widgets from our library.

MIKE Mine Dashboard
Widget Dewatering

Dewatering Rate

What: Current pumping rates for dewatering wells and sumps in mine workings.
For example: Compliance monitoring and pump status.

Widget GoldSim Water Balance

Site-wide Water Balance

What: Mine site water balance model and volume summary
For example: Summary of containment facilities; reconcile forecasts with actual.

Widget Dewatering Forecast

Dewatering Forecast

What: Historical and forecasted (e.g. GoldSim) dewatering volumes.
For example: Dewatering optimisation; resource planning (e.g. groundwater wells, pumps); reconcile forecasts with actual.

Widget Treatment Plant

Treatment Plant

What: Water treatment plant operational data.
For example: Compliance monitoring; data analytics.

Widget Water Levels

Water Levels and Flows

What: Stormwater pond levels, groundwater levels, stream flows.
For example: Support mine planning and safety (e.g. slope stability).

Widget Tailing Volumes

Tailing volumes

What: Cumulative storage volumes.
For example: Compliance and performance monitoring; reconcile forecasts with actual.

Widget Pond Volumes

Pond Volumes

What: Water storage pond percent full condition; overflow warning.
For example: Diversion planning.

Widget Meteorological

Meteorological Data

What: Historical and Forecasted Meteorological Data.
For example: Planning; runoff and inflow forecasting; analyse alongside other water data.

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Additional workspaces

Include your Mine Map

Explore geo-spatial and time series data on your mine map

For example: Identify monitoring wells with hydraulic pressures above the bottom of the mine pit.

Mine Map
  • Compare predicted water level to mine plan to identify potential flooding

  • Check planned pit elevations and tonnages over time

  • Visualise measurement locations (e.g. monitoring wells, stream gauges, weather stations, etc.)

  • Manage assets across the mine site

  • Look at your GoldSim water balance (e.g. volumes of water at containment structures) and reconcile forecasts with actual

View your Assets

Access information on ALL your mine assets on ONE page

Drill down into the performance of your mine water assets.

For example: Individual pond dashboards showing levels, rates, totalisers, etc.

Access your Reports

Store and share reports

Generate, share and archive your performance and compliance report. 

This centralised repository provides you with a documented history, alongside data storage and visualisation pages.

Manage your Data

Manage all your data in one place

What:  Portal where data gets stored

For example: From several data streams (API, manual file imports)

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